• Organization name- Lower Omo Natural Medicine Association (LONMA)
  • Organization country of residence – Ethiopia
  • Registration or charity number – 857/2004
  • Office address- South Omo Zone, Jinka
  • Main contact person – Mr. Sintayehu Gobezie (+251913654782)
  • Position in LONMA- General Manager (sintayehu@lonma.org)
  • Year the organization was established- 2011
  • Project title – “Sustainable improvement in livelihood and quality of life’’
  • Support and Research in Natural medicine and nutrition at Lower Omo
LONMA registration certification


Vision: To improve the environment and provide a sustainable livelihood for the poor and marginalized through Natural products with a scientific approach.


  • Conserve and reuse natural resources
  • Develop and transfer technologies to people most suited to their environment
  • Promote the positive sides of culture and social practices
  • Create a scientific bent of mind and instill confidence in the minds of people
  • Bridge the gap between progress and preservation by deft use of science and technology
  • Disseminate directly or indirectly through other agencies
  • Develop environmentally sound technologies


  • Registering all known natural practitioners in collaboration with South Omo Zone Health Department.
  • Awareness building, supervision, and symposium organizing
  • Studying and compiling all the plants and resources used in the treatment of disease, sanitary, and cosmetics in the area.
  • Confirm and document selected commonly used medicinal plants for the treatment of major human and livestock diseases with research institutions.
  • Establishment of natural medicinal practitioners associations in different areas (strengthen the institutional capacity of natural medical practitioners).