To achieve our entire objective we need the participation of enthusiastic individuals who are keen to contribute their part in conserving medicinal plants of south Omo, Ethiopia, and empowering traditional healers so as to benefit rural communities and make use of the ancient knowledge for the betterment of modern medicine. The financial assistance of local, national, and international organizations is very crucial for working together for the best of humanity in general and the poor isolated communities in particular. ONM is keen to increase its members and has been exploring different ways of attracting more people towards supporting the association.

To register as an honorable member is the right for all individuals regardless of profession, religion, economical status, or citizenship to have benefits such as the right to act as a working group of the organization; the right to access publications and reports from ONM website; free attendance in training and symposiums; and most of all the mental satisfaction of helping poor communities. If you are interested to become a member of ONM or an honorable member (if you are not an Ethiopian), please contact us, and we will send you a membership registration form via email.